Alien Isolation builds upon the history in Aliens movies to build upon the legacy of the Ripley family. The well-known Ellen Ripley, played by Sigourney Weaver in the movies, daughter, Amanda is the main protagonist in this horror survival game.



Sega builds a basis of survival in this game instead of action. Your shooting skills alone won’t get you out of trouble in this one. You will have to search, use your brains, craft items, solve puzzles in more if you are going to survive this adventure and found out what happen to your mother.



The game is the scariest game I’ve played in years. It has a slow build but then takes you on a horror-rific ride of a lifetime and I mean that in a good scary way.




The problem I had with the game is that it doesn’t do a good job explaining what to do with items you find along the way or how to use them. The game doesn’t have a manual so you are going to have to do research to figure out how to use these items to survive Alien: Isolation.

Another problem is that a lot of the characters are actually not very memorable due to the huge scare factor of the game and how well it keeps you intrigued on the Aliens and surviving. The main character that matters, Amanda Ripley, does a great job in establishing her place in the story and I guess that’s all that matters.




I normally don’t like talking about visuals when I review a game but on current gen (PlayStation 4 is what I played) the game looked amazingly real. The best visuals I seen to date in a horror or video game period. I know there’s more to a game than graphics but this one impressed me and it runs smooth with them. On top of that, that did a wonderful job giving it an official 20th Century Fox appeal that is noticeable the moment you boot up the game.

Short And Simple…



 Real Talk! This Is The Best Alien Game Yet!


Version Played For This Review Was PlayStation 4.

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