Tetris Ultimate comes to PS4 and Xbox One for the low price of $9.99. Weirdly it will cost you $19.99 on Nintendo 3DS via the Nintendo E-Shop. If you purchase it in stores , it will be $29.99. Does the game warrant these interesting prices?

Tetris Ultimate like past games isn’t about a story but about unique visuals and addictive puzzle gameplay. This game offers that gameplay you came to expect with some new gameplay modes that can be played online or offline with up to four players.  The modes are…

•       Battle – Knock out challengers and be the last person standing.
•       Battle Ultimate – Similar to Battle mode but with crazy power-ups.  Compete in the ultimate battle showdown using power-ups to clear away lines, shower opponents with blocks or shift their Matrix to the left after each move.
•       Marathon – Complete level 15 and rack up as many points as you can.
•       Endless – Keep clearing lines until your stamina runs out.
•       Ultra – Race to score as many points as possible before time runs out in this three-minute challenge.
•       Sprint – Clear 40 lines as quickly as you can.


Online gameplay is fast and frantic. You maybe good but are you good enough to compete against the best of Tetris in the world. You will have to be on your Tetris A-game to do so! In final, the online gameplay runs smooth and has great matchmaking. It even switches up the game modes to allow up to 4 players once more players are found.

My only issue is that the game soundtrack doesn’t feature more of the classic sounds you expect from Tetris.

Short And Simple…


Still A Classic!


PS4 edition was played for this review. For more on Tetris Ultimate visit  http://tetris.ubi.com/.

Tetris Ultimate will also be released in 2015 for Windows PC and the PlayStation®Vita handheld entertainment system.