Deciding to take the Medic along with you in Etrian Mystery Dungeon? Good, first smart decision you’ve made all day. Know what wasn’t smart? Putting your Runemaster up against a Furyhorn because you thought “he could take it.” Now we’re minus one gunner and you’ve left me with the option of either healing the Protector to keep them alive so the roomful of enemies stays off the rest of the party or unbinding and de-poisoning the Landsknecht so we can possibly kill an enemy and live to see tomorrow.


The Medic’s party role in Etrian Mystery Dungeon is constantly filled with life or death decisions, so do your best to make it easier on them by being a conscientious explorer. Yes, they can revive and heal your party members. And yes, they can even do some neat attacks of their own. But this does not mean you can toss people around just because you have a Medic. Keep your Runemasters in back, keep your Landsknechts up front, and pray that the Protector still has enough TP to provoke enemies.


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