Disney Interactive adds another toy for our imaginations with Yondu. This Guardian Of The Galaxy character is looking to shift the landscape of Disney Infinity 2.0 with it’s direction-shifting Yaka arrows and Super Jumps.

COMPATIBLE IN: Disney Infinity 2.0
CAN BE PLAYED IN: Marvel’s Guardian Of The Galaxy Playset , Disney Infinity 2.0 Toy Box

Yondu in my opinion seems the weakest out of the latest releases. He also has one of those leaping toss attack specials which in my opinion can be a pain to work with if you don’t have a character with reach. Yondu doesn’t have reach but a set of combo punches to go along with his powers. Yondu is fun to use but only in the later stages of 10 and beyond in his level.

Yondu’s appearance in-game and figure design is very likeable. His lines are okay but doesn’t scream with much of Yondu’s character. Yondu also doesn’t seem to have many voice lines as other characters that have released.

Short And Simple…

Yondu Is Okay But He Leaves Me Feeling A Little..Blue..


GG R Yondu_1-L

GG R Yondu_2-L