Episodic video games have become more and more popular since TellTale Games has made quite a success with them. Square Enix and DontNod Entertainment enter this new highly popular video game market with Life is Strange.


Life is Strange takes us to a fictional town of Arcadia Bay where Max Caulfield returns after a five-year absence and reunites with an old friend , Chloe. A day in school begins the ride of her life against the richest kid in town and a mystery behind missing girl, Rachael Amber. The characters come to life with unique personalities that come evident in the first 5 minutes of the game. The story is very well written and was one of the most interesting storylines so far this year in gaming.


Presentation kicks off with art painting style graphics that still seem and look very realistic in its animation. Music that really fits the high school TV drama style that this game represents.



The gameplay in this episode are puzzle solving involving Max Caulfield powers and introduces the games mechanics. There are different paths based upon your choices. This gives you reason to replay the game. DontNod Entertainment has stated that many things will change in your game including the ending based upon your choices.

Short And Simple..



Life Is Strange But This Game Is Good


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