ADG Short And Simple Review: Onechanbara Z2: Chaos


Onechanbara Z2: Chaos is the newest Onechanbara sexy zombie slayer slasher game exclusively for PlayStation 4. This series has been known for its blood, sexy, zombies, vampires and of course violence.

The story for Onechanbara Z2: Chaos will have you flying all around the world trying to save the world from a Zombie takeover. The four members of the “Zombie Punitive Force” are sisters Kagura and Saay alongside sisters Aya and Saki. Together the power of the Vampirics and Banefuls put their past differences aside to face this new threat. My opinion on the story, is that it’s just the usual “save the world” scenario with zombie and demon slayers.


The gameplay is where thinks go very bad in this title. I’m not talking about the controls. The controls are great from it’s combos to the for the first time in the series being able to control all four characters in battle to even putting them all out in force with the new Cross Merge Animations. The problem lies in the enemies and stage design. The enemies and even bosses don’t have any charisma or character. Who in the world thought it would be good to face the limbs of these bosses that are pretty much powerless at this point. Fighting giant walking legs of a half destroyed zombie makes the worst boss battle ever. Also, You will feel like you doing the same thing over and over just in new locations with new unlocked combos and weapons. To make things even worst, sometimes the game becomes locked up and doesn’t progress after killing the required enemies’ progress to the next checkpoint. I could go on about the gameplay but this suppose to be “Short And Simple”.


The sound is very good. The English voiceovers are pretty good. The tunes are on point and jamming. At times hearing the girls grunt while running just sounds weird and irritating. I still have to say a good job on the sound aspect of the game.


The graphics are very below average. I know graphics aren’t everything but for PlayStation 4 it isn’t cutting it at all. Background textures, boss textures and everything except the main characters are badly detailed. It really seems most of the work went into the main characters’ textures and sex appeal over everything else.


Onechanbara Z2: Chaos could of been a very good game. I spent hours trying to learn and love everything I could about it. It had decent ideas, good characters, but it just doesn’t put it together to make the game that most hack and slash games should have at this point.

Short And Simple……

In The Words Of Kagura “That Sucked! Gotta Do Better!”


OnechanbaraZ2Chaos_04 OnechanbaraZ2Chaos_01


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