Soldner-X2_Vita_43ADG here, giving PSVita gamers a reminder that Soldner-X2 Final Prototype is now available for your gaming pleasure. You can see all the facts below and screens. Before you do that, check out the launch trailer!

Available on PlayStation®Vita and PlayStation®3 system, Söldner-X 2: Final Prototype delivers a must-have shoot’ em up experience, blending classic gameplay with astonishing audio-visuals. Gameplay features include up to 10 action-packed stages, a dynamic score-linked difficulty system, a challenge mode that allows players to unlock bonus features and rewards, online high score tables and replay file sharing, devastating limit attacks, an adrenaline pumping soundtrack with 30 unique tracks, and much more.



  • Seven unique action-loaded levels with fierce boss battles
  • High definition graphics with 3D backgrounds
  • Dynamic score-linked difficulty system
  • Three playerships with distinct characteristics and weapon systems
  • Complex bullet pattern system
  • Powerful limit attacks and fourfold chaser system
  • Console perfect, running at 60fps with next to no load times
  • Unlockables and rewards offer nearly unlimited replay value
  • Online high score ranking tables and replay file sharing


The Last Chapter add-on

Maximize your Söldner-X 2: Final Prototype experience with this action-packed expansion.
The Last Chapter adds 3 exciting stages, 13 challenges, 11 trophies and more to the original game.

  • 3 additional stages
  • 13 new challenges, including a secret stage
  • 11 additional trophies

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