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Fourth Round Of QuakeCon 2015 Pre-Registration Packages With BYOC Select-A-Seat

2015 - QC - Package - SaS - Final

Bethesda is pleased to announce that QuakeCon 2015 online pre-registration for the BYOC Select-a-Seat’ package will open for attendees today, March 25th at 7pm CT/8pm ET at: The ‘BYOC Select-a-Seat’ package includes:

BYOC Select-a-Seat

Includes Guaranteed Reserved Seating

$55 (Limit of 1,600 packages available)

  • Select and Reserve a guaranteed seat of your choice in the BYOC area
  • Official QuakeCon 2015 BYOC T-Shirt
  • Official QuakeCon 2015 Lanyard

Additionally, pre-registration for the Swag Pack’ as well general admission attendee online pre-registration are set to become available next week on the QuakeCon pre-registration site. The full description for the limited ‘Swag Pack’ package, and the dates it will be available for purchase are below.


Wednesday, April 1st at 7pm CT/8pm ET

Swag Pack

Full of Limited Edition Items

$125 (Limit of 500 packages available)

  • Official QuakeCon 2015 T-Shirt
  • TWO Special Limited Edition T-Shirts
  • QuakeCon Exclusive Hoodie
  • QuakeCon 2015 branded 4400 mAh Power Bank

While general attendance remains free, attendees wishing to participate in the QuakeCon 2015 BYOC must pre-purchase one of the ‘BYOC Select-a-Seat’ packages through Bethesda’s online registration site to guarantee a seat. As ‘BYOC Select-a-Seat’ packages are limited and all seats will be accounted for prior to the show, Bethesda won’t have seats available on-site or on a first-come-first serve basis. Once the packages sell out, they’ll be giving people the opportunity to win a limited number of BYOC seats via social media giveaways, contests, and via event partners leading up to the show. Be sure to keep an eye on Bethesda’s QuakeCon Twitter account and QuakeCon Facebook page for all the details on how to win!


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