Sales are definitely the deciding factor when it comes to becoming a successful console. I was contemplating over something today that made me say to myself “Next year I’m buying this on Xbox One”.  I was on the net looking over a forum when someone posted some content that was already available on Xbox One before PlayStation 4. I was jealous of course and wish PlayStation Store would update their content around the same time period starting the day before Tuesday. They do this for some game releases, but never for add-on content. So the question is why not? We pay for PlayStation Network now. Shouldn’t this be one of the rewards outside of just being able to play the once free multiplayer and  the occasional free games that consist mostly of indies and low selling titles.

March’s Free PS Plus Lineup
PS4 PS3 PS Vita
Plus - Oddworld Plus - Papo y Yo Plus - OlliOlli2
Plus - Valiant Hearts Plus - Sherlock Holmes Plus - CounterSpy

So why is this such a big deal besides someone wishing they could just play it now. For me as someone who is trying to be a recognizable force in the gaming industry , Twitch and YouTube, being able to bring my content live as soon as possible is necessary. There is growing competition and plenty now on these sites with gaming content. If Xbox One has it first and I can stream it first I doubt I will care about the competition’s exclusive contents. So, gamers  who are serious about their futures in these outlets are going to buy on the console that brings it to the market first and right now it’s Xbox every single time still.

Yes, Evolve’s Behemoth DLC will be available first on Xbox Live as well.

Here’s another story, I want to share before closing. I recently purchased Evolve on Xbox One. The reason why isn’t because it’s in any fashion gameplay or visual rated superior over PlayStation4. The reason I did it is so I can make content for my pages and get a head start.

In final, Sony needs to make that final step to secure their edge. Sony needs to push their content to go live around the same time Microsoft does on XBox Live or even better before. This would deal a serious blow to the competition and drive the sales that every console needs.