color-guardians-review-adg-header   ADG is back with Color Guardians in the Short And Simple Review. Color Guardians comes to us for PlayStation 4, PS Vita, PC, and Mac. Fair Play Labs wants to give us a puzzle platform that is unique and challenging. Well, I will tell you one thing; it is challenging.

  The world has been robbed of its color by the thief Krogma. Three color Guardians, Rod, Lia, and Grock are set out to restore it. A very simple storyline that has the making of something wonderful. The problem is the characters never really branch out to have any charisma or character, making it hard to even care about restoring the world they love.
Speaking on the presentation, the game looks good but once again the lack of voice overs for the characters not only ruined the story but ruined the presentation. It’s such a colorful world and you can’t hope to want to actually hear these individuals speak so you can get a better feel for their character.
So here we go, with the gameplay. All I can say is that the game developers wanted to bring and I quote “simple game mechanics in a unique combination to provide a rewarding experience all its own.” It honestly does too much multitasking. You are button mashing, in a quick time platform sequence, that offers little to no room for mistake. I feel that a small health meter would of benefitted this game and help versus the frustration this game has in it. You will feel purposely tricked and overwhelmed with the lack of checkpoints. Then you will have to manually pick up the checkpoint. If you don’t, then when you fail you will have to start at the last checkpoint you picked up.   CG_screenshot_castle_001     Overall, I really wanted to enjoy this game, but the bad stage design ruins the game and very fast for me after about 4 stages of the first world with it doing too much too quick. I hope this initial release doesn’t kill them too much and they can learn and make the game gamers wanted to see from them. There might be something in this game for those looking for a real good challenge to brag about but for most people.. Short And Simple..

Guard Your Pockets Not Colors