The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is here and it’s time for the Short & Simple Review. Warning this review may seem like a testimonial and I’m fully aware of that, but The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a no brainer purchase for RPG fans or fans of gaming period.

What is left to say? Well, I could tell you about the story of Geralt and his love for Yennefer and his various companions but I will not. All you need to know is that the story is amazing. The Wild Hunt is terrifying and mysterious, and in this game you not only going to face them, but an ever changing story scheme, side missions, and world based upon your choices.

The gameplay is satisfying with a few issues in my opinion on horse riding controls and the game’s layout. It’s interesting, I wasted hours looking a fool in gameplays not knowing how to jump when it was a press of B. I guess, I expected to be at the controls on the screen and since holding B was dismount I never figured it would be tap B. ..And yes, I have a digital review copy. Since release, the text has been patched and things are looking better in so many ways. Yay! Say hello to more legible text. With that being said, no game is perfect, but this game comes close despite not adding the simple B to jump on the game’s layout. Guess, I’ll be getting the Prima’s guide for this.


To put it all together in final words, The Witcher 3 is setting the new standard for RPGs. With so much to do and explore, A true breathing ever changing world based based on your choices, more to do with a large free expansion DLC content selection, great acting, great storytelling, and more.

Short And Simple..


The New RPG Standard