GTAONLINE_Ill-Gotten Gains Part 1

Rockstar are proud to announce that the first of two major deliveries this summer will be hitting the showrooms of luxury car dealerships, the shelves of top arms suppliers and other prestigious retailers in June. Here are a few new screenshots featuring some of the new rides and accessories coming to GTA Online next month – and be on the lookout for another big shipment coming this summer.

GTAONLINE_Enus Windsor

Dress the new Enus Windsor with eight vehicle wraps inspired by the high-end designers of Rockford Hills.

GTAONLINE_Buckingham Swift Deluxe

For a subtle way to travel, contact your Elitas agent about the solid gold Buckingham Swift Deluxe.


The Combat PDW (Personal Defense Weapon) coming soon to Ammu-Nation.

GTAONLINE_Albany Virgo

The classic lines of the new Albany Virgo add style to any garage.

GTAONLINE_Benefactor Stirling GT

Just like the Benefactor Stirling GT, the Pegassi Osiris features gull-wing doors.

GTAONLINE_Buckingham Luxor Deluxe

The solid gold Buckingham Luxor Deluxe shines in the Los Santos skies.

GTAONLINE_New clothing items and accessories

Hundreds of new clothing items and accessories are arriving to exclusive clothiers.

GTAONLINE_Pegassi Osiris

Coming soon to Legendary Motorsport, the Pegassi Osiris.