WWE 2K18 CM Punk Attire Pack

Great new WWE 2K18 mod content for CM Punk fans. If you want to have one of the best rosters in the world you need these 10 great attires by TheAznBlusuazn. Send him some love and follow him on Twitter so you don’t miss his content. Also tune in here to be in the know of the latest greats WWE 2K18 creations.

Pick up his content via SmackTalks Forum: http://smacktalks.org/forums/topic/67994-aznblusuazn-wwe-2k18-mods-custom-cm-punk-x10-wip-punk-entrancevictory-7-pack-released-hogan-fixed-hair-fixed-entrances-released-hollywood-hogan-entrance-in-color-and-fixed-complete-jeff-jarrett-wcw-era-released/

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