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ADG Short And Simple Review: KontrolFreek FPS Call Of Duty Black Ops III Reveal Edition



It’s been awhile since ADG took a look at some fine KontrolFreek products. Well, that ends right now. ADG is about to take you on a review adventure with one of KontrolFreek’s latest thumbsticks, the KontrolFreek FPS Call Of Duty Black Ops III Reveal Edition. This thumbstick was designed in collaboration with Call Of Duty and Treyarch to give you a a signature feel like no other. This stick is swagged out with orange color and a bold, laser-etched Black Ops III logo. How does the gameplay with these KontrolFreeks live up? Find out in the ADG Short And Simple Video Review.

To learn more about this stick and purchase it visit:

Short And Simple…

Smooth Like Butter, Baby!

Cop’ It! 10/10


Black_Ops_III_XBoxOne_Perspective Black_Ops_III_PS4_FullView Black_Ops_III_XBoxOne_Pprofile Black_Ops_III_XBoxOne_package Black_Ops_III_XBoxOne_Insert Black_Ops_III_XBoxOne_FullView Black_Ops_III_XBoxOne_Closeup Black_Ops_III_PS4-closeup Black_Ops_III_PS4_Profile Black_Ops_III_PS4_Perspective Black_Ops_III_PS4_package Black_Ops_III_PS4_insert


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