The Skylanders: SuperChargers are here to stop Kaos through land, sea, and air in this year’s edition of Skylanders. I will tell you all the positives and negatives of this latest Skylanders entry in the ADG Short And Simple Video Review of Skylanders: SuperChargers.

In final, outside of the video review. I want to say, I don’t want to scare loyal Skylanders fans. This review is mainly based on the main Starter Pack experience. You will enjoy this purchase just not as much as other games before it. For people interested in Skylanders, you can start here and still enjoy but there are so much better Skylander experiences already out there. If you want an online co-op experience and multiplayer racing, go for it. Just remember the limitations till you buy more. I like this game, but I have to be honest to all gamer types that might be considering purchasing this.

Short And Simple

Running A Little Low On SuperCharger Fuel


*This review was made Short And Simple based upon the Skylanders: SuperChargers Starter Pack, alone. For more on Skylanders: SuperChargers please visit: Skylanders.Com

Skylanders SuperChargers_Spitfire 1 SSC_E3_Hot  Streak SSC_Cloud Breather Dragon Level Environment Skylanders SuperChargers_Super Shot Stealth Elf 1