Update the following video isn’t available due to YouTube wrongfully suspended me. I apologize on their behalf. I’ve tried to reinstate and build new channels they just suspend them every time. So, you can try the following tips to help you.

  1. Download The Accelerator
  2. Once the download is complete restart WWE 2K16
  3. Go My WWE, Unlockables. From there at the bottom, you should see the option to unlock everything with a press of a button (button depends on console played on usually X or Square on console) if the accelerator is properly installed. If not repeat all the steps.

This step has worked on all games with Accelerator there might just be a different hud layout at the time of this posting up till WWE 2018 and may work with other upcoming games

One again, this year I break down to you the simple steps of how to use your Accelerator with WWE 2K16. Follow these simple steps, to unlock all the goodies that WWE 2K16 has to offer on the disc without the hassle of completing all the game modes right away.

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