This year I told myself, I would not worry as much as I have been. Let go of things more often. Especially what you can’t fix/do in what day, or what you can’t change. I started doing #minivactions this year. It really helps me feel refreshed. I’m doing the same with the Christmas holidays this 2015.

Through all the work, at the end of the day, we do it for self-growth, personal needs, and/or family. If you don’t take the time to enjoy what you have from time to time, you forget why you are doing it. It’s my time to do just that.

I’ve talked numerous times about my physical and mental health issues and how they make what is simple to others a hard day to day chore for me. So, this will also get my mind ready and clear for a new year.

I will be doing small postings of mostly gameplays, with maybe some news and reviews here and there. As a stated earlier on Facebook, before deciding to do this posting.

Thank everyone for supporting my work. From the developers and publishers, especially those that care about passion more than they care about my Twitter following and YouTube view counts. To the fans of YouTube, EGMNow, AntDaGamer, and beyond. I truly appreciate you, you provide more purpose, and drive to my day to day.

Happy Holidays!