Transformers and video game fans I give you Transformers: Devastation Funny & Chill Playthrough which can be used as a walkthrough, playthrough, guide, or a glorified let’s play with great times of my gameplay experience of the game. In 2016, I want to get back to sharing my experiences mainly and talking about them more than before. This playthrough is just the beginning of things. Thanks to Activision, for their support of AntDaGamer.Com and you guys that make this possible.

There are two embedded players below. The first is a “For The First Time” video putting you through the beginning elements from my AntDaGamer.Com Channel. The second is a playlist player that contains all the videos you can use the side and top menus to navigate through all 10 videos from my personal let’s play channel, ADG Man Cave. Enjoy!

Also, my review is located here.