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I intended to getting around to making more personal and insightful blog posts for some time. I want to tell the story of my life, my gaming, and other passions. I spoke on this at the end of last year and it’s now 3 months in 2016. The month’s are flying by fast.

In the past two weeks, my love for gaming is back at an all-time high. I ‘ve been blessed with several copies of some great games. You have seen me play Quantum Break, early. A game that has been under my radar since its’ announcement. Quantum Break, Nights Of Azure, EA Sports UFC 2 , The Division, Republique, Valkyrie Chronicles Remastered are just a few of the games that are consuming my day.

Nights_Of_Azure_BattleScreens (1)

I’m still trying to find balance in what I do. Which is harder on the inside then it may seem to my followers on the outside. There’s a part of me that wants to focus on gameplays and my YouTube, mainly. It’s just hard to figure how to find enough time in my day with me being the main caregiver to my kids, doing website coverage, and the daily setbacks of someone with high depression and anxiety.

I think the solution would be getting back to gaming more. Which goes to the reason I said I was going to cover less this year, so I would have more times to enjoy these great games (which already early in 2016 they’re tons..and I’m backlogged..again). The past two days, I’ve done just that with Nights Of Azure. I just also need to find time to do reviews and coverage that I have promised my supporters on other games.

Just want to tell those that are following and reading this. Good luck on finding the balance in your life that help you enjoy life to the fullest, enjoy your passions, and help you get things done in your life.

Till next time be blessed!

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