Kendrick Lamar

For Spring/Summer 2016, Reebok Classic and Grammy Award-Winning Top Dawg Entertainment artist Kendrick Lamar continue to celebrate the iconic Classic Leather, releasing a compelling video that pays homage to the sneaker’s authenticity and Kendrick’s personal connection with the sneaker that he grew up wearing.

With a partnership that seeks to continuously push the boundaries and merge the worlds of music and sneaker culture, the new video explores Kendrick’s journey to greatness and the importance of staying true to oneself with the premise that surrounded by distractions, the Classic stays true. An artist who shares Reebok’s passion of inspiring and empowering youths, Kendrick’s original lyrics encourage us to follow what we believe without surrendering to expectations and limitations, and without apologizing for who we are or what we stand for.

A timeless, stripped back sneaker that has remained relevant from generation to generation, Kendrick tells the story of what the Classic Leather means to him: a form of self-expression that gives wearers the confidence to be true to who they are.

*This posting is the official press release*