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YouTube Red Reality Gaming Series ‘MatPat’s Game Lab’ Debuts Today – Free Episodes Now Available

Mat Pat's Game Lab Parkour Mirror's Edge

YouTube gaming expert and pop culture star Matthew Patrick, better known as MatPat to his leagues of subscribers, is inviting fans on a wild ride to explore the real life science behind some of the most highly anticipated and popular video games ever in his new reality adventure series MATPAT’S GAME LAB that premieres today on YouTube Red, the new ad-free entertainment and music subscription service. Check out the first episode for free at: MatPatsGameLab.com or on YouTube at:

MatPat’s Premiere Episode: Can Gamers SURVIVE the Real Mirror’s Edge?

MatPat and fellow gamers compete for style points as they emulate high-intensity parkour elements found in Mirorr’s Edge, using the iconic Walt Disney Concert Hall as a backdrop. Fans will learn about the mechanics of real-world parkour and how Mirror’s Edge stacks up in real life. After seeing how it’s done, fans can step into a Mirror’s Edge 360 video where MatPat brings you along on a mission. Brian “Flying Fish” Fisher from The Warp Zone, and Mari “Atomic Mari” Takahashi and Amra “Flitz” Ricketts from Smosh Games guest appear.

Companion 360 Episode: HARDCORE PARKOUR…in 360!

Additional episodes will post weekly on Wednesdays and require a subscription to YouTube Red to view. Fans can check out the series by going to MatPatsGameLab.com or direct to The Game Theorist YouTube Channel.
*This posting is the official press release*

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