Oasis Games Ltd, a leading independent publisher, today announced in-game events for Naruto Online, the turn-based MMORPG for Windows PC, which can be played for free through any browser. The holiday season is in full gear, with Santa recruiting ninjas for daily missions to ensure gifts are delivered, in the “Time for Christmas” monthly event. Players can participate in many other seasonal events which also include revealing a daily reward through December 24 on the “Christmas Advent calendar”, as well as an opportunity until the 31st  to earn the Monthly Gift.


A plethora of activities will keep players engaged through December 21 including a special Promotion Pack and “Lucky Star”, which gives players one free draw for the stars which can be used to purchase superior items such as Ninja Cards. Lastly, the holidays are the perfect time to recruit friends! Players will be rewarded with a draw for a Treasure Box containing either a Pain-Naraka Path or the Uzumaki Naruto-Sennin Mode. Visit the Naruto Online Event page for level requirements and additional details.