Happy Holidays from your gaming icon and friend, ADG aka AntDaGamer. I just wanted to thank you guys for another year of support from my YouTube channels to right her on my websites. It’s been a trying year from YouTube changing their algorithms to inside issues with partners but we are still alive and running.

The upcoming year we’ll be a more newsworthy approach as I’ll be focus mainly on the website with the problems I have on YouTube. Yes, oddly the reverse of what I planned on doing at the end of last year.

I will still be providing gameplays, although it will be mainly exclusive content with multiplayer games, MOBA games, and games from publishers that show support for my brand.

Last but not least, I’m on mini-vacation again from now till after the first. This simply means their will be content posted but my enjoyment of the holidays and life comes first.

Once again, Happy Holidays from ADG and it’s supported companies and publishers. We appreciate you.