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WWE SuperCard Season 3 Update 3 Brings Us Team Battleground

2K today announced availability of Update 3 to WWE SuperCard – Season 3, the latest iteration of 2K’s popular WWE collectible card-battling game. Today’s free update, which begins releasing today for iOS and Android devices, features the brand new Team Battleground (TBG) mode.

Team Battleground is a persistent team vs. team mode that will allow players to battle, earn in-game rewards and set the stage for trash talking. The new mode is broken into four key areas:

  • Mode Setup: Team owners and generals search for potential battles. Once teams are matched up, a random set of cards is drawn from the general pool. Both teams will use the same set of cards, but distribution is randomized among all team members, which each having six total cards;
  • Prep Phase: During this first phase, which lasts for 24 hours, players strengthen their cards utilizing Charge cards, which permanently boosts the cards for the second phase;
  • Attack Phase: During the second phase, which also covers 24 hours, teams will face each other based on the Charged-up strength of their cards. Each team member has 15 total attacks in a battle. The team with the most points wins the battle and some sweet rewards;
  • Rewards: After the battle, all players receive in-game rewards. Players on the winning team will earn a Champion reward, while players on the losing team get a Consolation reward based on the number of points they scored during the battle.

In addition to Team Battleground mode, today’s update includes updates to the player profile. Player stats, ladder rewards, and more can now be found all in one place for convenience. And starting in May, monthly rewards will now include packs.

Full details can be found in 2K’s blog post here:

This posting is the full press release from 2K



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