As of this week, ADG has become 100 percent solo managed. I’m calling this era “Semi-Retirement”. What does this mean? It means I will be sharing what I can when I can based upon how I feel healthwise and what companies still decide to ride with me. I’m no longer posting on EGMNow due to my health and the fact I haven’t really receive much of anything for my time over-there in over a year. For companies that maybe reading this realize most of my traffic actually was from right here on this blog and on YouTube. EGMNow was just made it easier for me to get assets from. At this point, I’m going to take a chance and hope some of them still ride with me. If not I’ll just do my best to cover games as I can through Gamefly and self-purchases.

Regardless, this is mainly a hobby. I still want to fill fulfill and share gameplay and thoughts when I can. My health will cause issues in my commentary so I may not do commentary. I’m not sure. I’m currently trying commentary on ADG Wrestling Games Network. Also, remember checking out videos and posts on this blog helps as I’m a WordPress Partner and all hits/views are monetized. Extra money from this site and YouTube still helps as I’m disabled only receiving SSI at the money. So, I’ll be occasionally putting videos and stuff on here. Hope you guys enjoy what I post here from this point out.

Thanks to everyone that have supported me and especially those that will continue to ride with me through this new era of my life.