YouTube is slowly but surely losing my respect and trust. Over the last decade(and I say decade cause I been there off and on just that long), YouTube analytics have tried to better themselves yet it seems worse now than ever. When you add in the fact that now it takes more work to partner and YouTube analytics are taking away views and subs constantly, it’s making it quiet harder to reach that goal. In fact, also adding in the fact that partners themselves aren’t making as much as before is it really worth it to invest this much time into YouTube? It seems making it on YouTube is just much as a dream as becoming an American Idol. The future of YouTube talent is indeed in trouble.

As you can see above my analytics here on WordPress and on YouTube definitely isn’t adding up. If this continues, you can definitely see me spending more time just posting news and sharing information then talking about it in a video. I honestly suggest other content creators to seek other avenues for monetizing your content.