Turner & IMG’s ELEAGUE will introduce television viewers to TEKKEN ® 7’s fast-paced world of one-on-one fighting game action when the first-ever ELEAGUE | TEKKEN Team Takedown premieres Friday, March 16, following live NCAA March Madness coverage on the network.

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A preview of the four-part series’ debut episode – Captain’s Challenge – is available in the top of this posting where viewers will meet Ricky “Pokchop” Walker Jr., who lead one of four five-player teams in the TEKKEN Team Takedown, as 20 of the game’s best American players competed for a $100,000 purse. The show will spotlight Pokchop’s life outside TEKKEN® 7, including as a father. Additionally, it will recap the best moments from the ELEAGUE stage as each of the four captains – including Pokchop, his Virtual Storm teammate Shaun “NYCFAB” Swain, Jeannail “Cuddle_Core” Carter and Hoa “Anakin” Luu – play a miniature tournament to determine seeding for the Takedown.