Horray! WWE SuperCard has a new tier that 2K and Cat Daddy wants you to think is mainly because they want to keep us entertained. Well the truth is this Goliath tier is another cash grab and here’s why.

Let’s take a look first at 2K & Cat Daddy’s post on Twitter announcing WWE SuperCard’s latest tier.

WWE SuperCard Goliath Tier 310516_04_Shayna_Baszler

Surprise…no no. I’m sure a lot seen this coming. For the past week or so the so-called “Daily Deals” have doubled. Constantly hoping and praying that the spenders would keep spending on these overpriced but nothing promised packs they are claiming to be deals. Add in the fact they pushed up the Pete Dunne Ring Domination to right after Road to Glory to a quick event..then you knew something “new” was coming.

WWE SuperCard Goliath Tier 300506_04_Aleister_Black

I love that they are adding new SuperStars but the timing of a new Tier tells its about money. From their actions to the fact that it’s almost time for the SummerSlam 18 Tier to drop the proof is in the pudding.

Also, look at the cards the images of most of these WWE Superstars are way outdated. Which also makes it look like a quick rush.

WWE SuperCard Goliath Tier 310501_04_Alexa_Bliss

In parting as always, I do like WWE SuperCard but I don’t like the way they are overpricing its fan base. I’m here to get Cat Daddy & 2K to stop the blind style loot boxes and give spenders what they deserve and it’s not a maybe card on their guaranteed money we give them.

WWE SuperCard Goliath Tier 300515_04_Bobby_Lashley

In the future in my spare time, I want to discuss pricing and pack ideas that I think are more reasonable. Till then grind for your cards to get to Goliath, pay only in events for title matches and bouts, and do not settle for a chance to get a Goliath between Monster & Goliath Tier for 50 bucks! Ridiculous!

Enjoy these extra cards sent to me by 2K. They aren’t all that bad but still…