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SoulCalibur VI: ADG Unscripted Review


The ADG Unscripted Review is back with SoulCalibur VI courtesy of Bandai Namco. Don’t fear I know past Unscripted Reviews didn’t go as planned so we have you covered with some text in case things backfire, again.




SoulCalibur VI has returned with the gameplay you love that is even more refined and smoother than ever before. Bandai Namco has added in Reversal Edges and Soul-filled Supers to bring the game up to par with the fighting games of today. As I say in the video review, “Easy to pick up, but hard to master” which is something you can never go wrong with.




There really isn’t much bad to say about this game. Some may have issues with the main story being mostly stills and texts but all in all it’s a “GREAT” game. I truly recommend that you play SoulCalibur VI and I hope you enjoy the ADG Unscripted Review of SoulCalibur VI.




SoulCalibur VI Has More Soul Than Any SoulCalibur Game To Date!

Recommended To All Gamers, Especially Fighting & Action Gamers.


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