More than a blogger, journalist, wrestling game fan, anime fan, or anything, I am a gamer. Which is why I wanted to begin the year gaming and creating channels that allow me to most of all game and enjoy myself. Yes, this is also one of those New Year resolution ideas. I realize that YouTube and YouTube gaming are at all time viewer low for beginning channels but I don’t care I want to do this to most of all enjoy gaming.


Available right now to help with me enjoying gaming are two new channels of more of a niche perspective. The return of ADG Wrestling Games Network which of course will focus on random wrestling gameplays in the wide variety of games I like to play and the beginning of ADGVsGame which is my journey to try to complete as many games before I get too old and die (that’s a joke but it’s serious business too). Both of these channels have content and milestone rewards to inspire viewers to subscribe.


My first channel, ADG Entertainment – AntDaGamer, will still be active as well with uploads every week that include but not limited to things I know you guys are subbed for such as ADG Unscripted Review & ADG Universe Ex, SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy, etc.

ADG Entertainment-AntDaGamer:
ADG Wrestling Games Network: