Call Of Champions is the latest MOBA, multiplayer online battle arena, game for mobile devices by Spacetime Studios. The soundtrack is composed by award winning composer, Winifred Phillips. Winifred Phillips is known from her work on projects such as Little Big Planet, Assassin’s Creed Liberation, God Of War, and more. As someone who has spoken with Winifred Phillips on ADG On Call, I have felt her passion for entertainment. I had to hear and review this.


We will look a few sample tracks to showcase and review in this posting.

Call Of Champions ” Champions Theme” is very cinematic. This track sounds like a trumpeted heroes marching theme, setting a very iconic feeling to the game’s presence. Definitely, my favorite track of the game.

Battle Arena is suspenseful, just like a battle theme should be. Battle Arena is sure to keep you focused in gameplay and entertained at the same time. There are points where the drum beat accelerates then lowers again setting a tone for various situations you might experience during battle.

Game Time follows the same sort of suspense but is a little more mellow and medium tempo type of beat. I’m not the artist, but I feel a sense of preparation or getting ready for battle in this track. I think this is a direction Winifred Phillips was going.

Short And Simple

A Soundtrack Full Of Suspense And Action In Each Beat.

*Check out more about Winifred Phillips on her official blog here: