Rooster Teeth PR reached out to me before the holidays about reviewing the Red Vs. Blue: The Shisno Paradox Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Pack. I will also add that it was officially released January 1st, 2019. What a way to kick off the year Rooster Teeth! …or is it?! This spoiler free review will answer that question.

Funny how this the only real trailer I could find and they claim it’s only available at Wal-Mart when it’s available at various retailers that sail Blu-Ray & DVDs. 

At first, I was very skeptical about this especially with Rooster Teeth already showcasing this on their new platform of VRV or FIRST. Most fans of Rooster Teeth have already jumped on these ships to watch great Rooster Teeth products mainly of RWBY & Red Vs Blue. Even though some people may still want a physical release to carry on the go or just to own for collective reasons, you have to be honest and admit video on demand is killing physical copy sales of Blu-ray and DVD.


So let’s begin the so-called “Pizza Quest” as the movie called it that began the events that inspired the time traveling story versus gods and titans that mainly features the character Donut on a quest that the God of all gods has sent him on. As I sat with my kids and watched this (yes, I allowed my daughter and son to watch this under my parental guidance), this story made me begin to wonder how this over 2 hours of 46 minutes of Red Vs. Blue would end. Overall, the story ending climaxes to a point where they contradict their own beginning bases of time travel and fixing things to “who cares”. Literally, that’s what they say in the story “Time travel is just time travel” and “What’s going to happen is going to happen anyway” That’s the best I can do without giving too many spoilers.


Red Vs. Blue: The Shisno Paradox still brings in the same raunchy and perverted comedy it’s known for. The thing is at this point in time, I’m not sure if it’s truly helping the series. I feel for this series to advance with the times it needs to take it more serious at times. In this season, it’s starting to feel like the show isn’t advancing enough to keep people talking and watching. Especially when you compare it to the great storytelling of RWBY. I’m not going to lie despite me wanting more serious moments we watched and we laughed at enough various moments to keep us watching. Even though we split it into two sessions since they sent me the copy over the holidays and we had so many other things we wanted to do.


I’m sure you heard all the talk in previous reviews saying that Red Vs Blue: The Shisno Paradox Season 16 is sh… but that is stretching it too far in my opinion. Overall, it’s an entertaining season of what normally would work even though it leads question to is the series leading to its end of days. Also, honestly in some ways, I feel that it still is one of the best stories in some time. The development of Caroline and her return is definitely one of my favorite points. The visuals have advanced but mainly looked even better in the last two episodes.


If you are a fan of Red Vs Blue past seasons, a fan of Halo (even though it’s not much connection of the game in this season), raunchy comedy with a dose of action; I will recommend this Blu-Ray/DVD combo for collectors. Outside of that, maybe you should just subscribe to VRV and FIRST. It would be the cheaper way to experience Red Vs. Blue: The Shisno Paradox Season 16 and still support Rooster Teeth.







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