ADG Unscripted Review finally returns with Fire Pro Wrestling World‘s Fire PromoterDLC courtesy of Spike Chunsoft. I break down this DLC that has been named the new “GM Mode” of modern gaming times. How well is it? Find out by checking the review out.

You can also get a few more details screenshots and tidbits below.



Crossover Promotion Events

Easy Import Of DLC and Created Content

Merchandise Sales

Big Signed Talent Story-lines

Never Ending Replay-ability And Challenges

Not So Lit: 

Only Single Player or CPU Simmed Matches

Ends The Minute You Are Negative In Funds

ADG Recommended!

We finally have a new GM Mode that is worthy of the times!

*This review was conducted through my experience on the PlayStation 4 Pro version of the game. The game is also available for PC on Steam*

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