Fans have been asking for a new game or least engine some time as the WWE 2K series haven’t actually been meeting the expectations of fans. Yukes are now excited to announce the entry of a new alternative game coming soon.

VGC, Yukes’ senior vice president and producer Hiromi Furuta has told them that they want something fresh. Dissatisfied with the turnabout of WWE Games of the past years, they hope to develop a separate WWE Game to put competition and inspiration back into 2K’s wrestling product.


Furuta stated that the lack of competition “isn’t healthy at all” Mentioning titles like WWF No Mercy on Nintendo 64 and how up until this year because of Spike Chunsoft’s Fire Pro Wrestling world have there been an alternative to wrestling gamers.

It’s great to see Furata take action with this new IP to make something new and interesting as well as elevate the WWE License into a new era of gaming.

What’s more exciting is how they plan to initiate the use of a new engine to save months of time and tons of money with the AR Tech capture technology, ALiS Zero.


“We’ve spent years analysing how the human body moves and how to animate it, so it’s no wonder that our research has evolved into the AR space,” she said.

“[For game development] we could can save tons of money required for renting a motion capture studio, hiring actors and such. From a production standpoint, this system can certainly save a lot of man-months.

“For WWE, for example, motion capture is created by the wrestlers and/or actors, and then that data is cleaned up by a mocap studio before being sent to artists for further processing and fine-tuning.

“With ALiS Zero, the data is created on the spot, along with the motion capture, and submitted immediately,” she said.

“This new system does not require anyone to edit or process the data. It immediately creates data that can be implemented directly into the game. So yes, it can save a lot of man-hours, and a lot of time overall. We are confident that this is a huge breakthrough.”

You can see why this new development and statement has wrestling game fans like myself daydreaming again about the ultimate wrestling game experience.

I’ll keep you covered as more develops.