Atelier Lulu: The Scion Of Arland Walkthrough via #ADGVsGame is being updated daily here are the first three episodes. Please join me on YouTube and sub this channel and all my other related channels.


Also, heads up information for my true followers. As you can see my devotion is mainly reviews now with a few other things for ADG Entertainment. After the turnout for my Sniper Elite V2 Remastered and A Plague Tale: Innocence results, I decided to stick my gameplays separately totally. It’s just not good business wise for me to keep pushing content on my channel that isn’t working. This could also mean the end of “For The First Time” gameplays as my format is different now where I’m saving most of my commentary and thoughts for reviews. This new format allows me equal enjoyment in gaming, personally, and to continue making content.



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