This week’s ADG Universe Ex News headlines first with Triple H being named the number 1 Contender to the All-Star Pro Wrestling Championship after his impressive showing in the Battle Royal last showing in Episode 17. Triple H eliminated a good portion of the competitors and brought his ranking to the top. So at SummerSlam, Triple H will take on Pete Dunne for the first time in history in his first ever Championship match in ADG Universe Ex.



If you have not caught the last show, Episode 17 (above) now is the time to gear up as the next episode will be released very soon. This was a great night and a swerve of events as Sasha Banks gave us some information that no one expected. How will this play out in the road to SummerSlam where Sasha is set to face Stephanie McMahon, the new CEO / Spokeswomen of the ADG Universe Ex Women’s Division.



Another great peace of news is that in the next show Shayna Bazler will be bringing the UFC Horsewomen to level the playing fill as she takes on someone she is calling a traitor in Sonya Deville. Sonya Deville who won the right to be #1 Contender will be tagging with the Tag Team Champions in 6-Women Tag Action. It will be Sonya Deville, Asuka, and Su Yung Vs. Marina Shafir, Jessamin Duke and the Undisputed Ex Worldwide Women’s Champion, Shayna Bazler in a matchup like no other before SummerSlam.


Last but not least I leave you with the current ADG Universe Ex Power Rankings. Not to be confused with the score rankings here: The Power Rankings are more of what showcases who has the power to win big matches despite their score. These are the guys to watch out for. Daniel Bryan tops the list this week which makes you wonder what’s next for Daniel Bryan especially since he didn’t solidify himself a spot at SummerSlam. Daniel Bryan biggest highlight so far has been his title match vs Pete Dunne for the All-Star Pro Wrestling Championship.

Oh expect a new look to the arena as well as logo upgrades! See you soon!