TEKKEN has always been a fighting game that pushes accuracy and precision. Every frame of movement, every change in character position can have profound effects on the outcomes of a bout. With DLC #13 within TEKKEN 7’s Season Pass 3, players will now be able to activate “Frame Data Display” on their screens to fine-tune and practice for their fights at TEKKEN World Tour tournaments.

Along with the “Frame Data Display”, players will be able to use an expanded “Practice Mode” that will enable players to practice sample combos and learn “Punish” moves to use against foes.

Lastly, this latest DLC for TEKKEN 7 will roll out a new “Bearded Man” costume set which features a bearded man hairstyle, sunglasses, and suit. Players may recognize the ensemble as one of their favorite game developers once they equip these items on their favorite TEKKEN 7 characters.