8/21/20 – ADG Universe Ex Season 2 will be ended immediately. History was made but not as I wanted to be and not as much as I wanted it to be. From Sami Zayn finally coming a champion to Bayley being crowned the first ADG Universe Ex All-Star Pro Wrestling Women champion and defeating the “Undefeated” Stephanie McMahon in the same night.

Whenever a decent 2K game releases, we will return to creating shows where we left off near Money In The Bank. ADG Universe Ex Live of course will not air on ADG Wrestling Games Network now because of this.

As of now, I’m to frustrated with the title match issues and freezing in Universe Mode. To be honest the lack of support this year didn’t help either. When I crash, all my title matches resets and that’s hectic on my PPV and Championship nights sometimes nearly impossible because on top of that you don’t know why it’s crashing.

I will figure other ways to make content. Maybe short edited stories. I”m sorry on the behalf of 2K..because this isn’t really my fault, the game is just to irritating to do Universe Mode with. They screwed it up with the last patch as well as blood in matches.