I’m excited to bring to you this news and content for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Animal Crossing: New Horizon on Nintendo Switch, which is definitely one of the top games of the year, is teaming up with Kelley Blue Book and American Rivers for great gaming and love. As playing will give out donations, great gaming swag and more. You can read more below and even join fellow content creator/YouTuber, Katie Wilson in her glorious livestream below

In tandem with its annual Best Buy Awards list of best value-per-dollar cars, Kelley Blue Book – the trusted experts in the auto industry when it comes to car buying/selling and ownership – the brand has created an exclusive island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons to generate awareness for the list and brand. Each year, the annual list is comprised of the top models in categories including best SUV, midsize, compact and electric/plug-in.  

The island, KBB.com HQ, will be accessible to fans to explore starting 12/8 for a limited period of time. They’ll be able to fish in the oceans and rivers for sea creatures, and the occasional trash item such as tires or tin cans. As players do their part by fishing trash out of the water, Kelley Blue Book will donate funds to help river preservation through a donation to American Rivers.  

Animal Crossing Press Via MWW

The island will be accessible through a special code that fans can receive after emailing KBBAnimalCrossing@coxautoinc.com, and fans will get to interact and take photos with the unique and rare items throughout the Island. 

Kelley Blue Book Press