Da Gamer Show is a special project that I’m toying with. Not sure how long I will do it but it’s a way to fit balance into my life with YouTube, my personal life, as well as my personal gaming time. The show is a compilation on everything that has worked in the past with a few new things I want to do. In these first two episodes, I do everything from just holiday gaming for fun, Godfall For The First Time, Cyberpunk 2077 my initial launch week impressions, WWE 2K Battlegrounds news and gameplay from their latest free update add-on DLCs, Rogue Company discussion, completing Marvel Avengers’ Kate Bishop “Taking A.I.M. DLC, playful skits and more! Please support the content on YouTube as well with likes and comments. It’s a very rare treat for me lately on YouTube and it’s needed for me to stay up with the competition on YouTube. Enjoy, Stay Safe, And Keep Gaming!