LOS ANGELES, CA., April 22, 2021 –Vtuber accessories galore! We are excited to announce that 20 Vtuber DLC packs for the Steam® release of the music-based hack ‘n’ slash game, Neptunia™ Virtual Starswill be available for purchase on April 29.

To celebrate the Steam launch, all 20 Vtuber DLC packswill have a 20% weeklong launch discount. The same 20 Vtuber DLC packs for the PlayStation®4 version will be launching later this May. All 20 Vtuber DLC packs include a variety of themed items and accessories based on the Vtuber pack purchased.

Vtuber Packs (Steam/PS4)
  • Ileheart Pack​
  • Asano Sisters Project Pack​
  • Sifir Esirer Pack​
  • Medwin Toris Pack​
  • Asacre Peace Pack​
  • Iwasimiz Kotoko Pack
  • Inuyama Tamaki Pack​
  • Pinky Pop Hepburn Pack​
  • Akatsuki UNI Pack​
  • Todoki Uka Pack​
  • WACTOR Pack
  • Game Club Project Pack​
  • Aogiri High School Pack​
  • Maoh Magrona Pack​
  • Tomari Mari Pack​
  • Tenjin Kotone Pack
  • INSIDEChan Sisters Pack​
  • ReVdol! Pack​
  • Electronic Fairy Project x Kokounoakumu-Nightmare- Pack​
  • Hibiki Ao Pack

ReVdol! Pack (Steam/PS4)

  • Gain items and accessories inspired by Vtuber group “ReVdol!”.​
  • Themed recovery items x 50 (per Vtuber)​
  • Themed masks x 3 (per Vtuber)​
  • Themed accessories x 3 (per Vtuber)​
  • Special “X” Cube for each member of “ReVdol!”​​

*In order to receive a Vtuber’s Special “X” Cube, you need to have rescued the respective character first.