Once again, there’s been so much coming out and I’m busy being the one-man-press band again with the WWE 2K22 coverage and being a father. So hit up ADG Wrestling Games Network because I leaked this early with a ton of content that I haven’t archived here on the site yet. Now your details via 2K Press Release and the gameplay trailer. Enjoy!

2K Newsroom
Jan 29 2022
Hi AntDaGamer,The leaks surrounding the WWE 2K22 campaign have hit us again, but it won’t stop this game from Hitting Different. So, before a huge night at the WWE Royal Rumble, we’re going live with our coveted gameplay trailer right now! Check out the WWE 2K22Booyaka Gameplay Trailer here:

In-game footage offers early look at what’s in store when WWE 2K22 launches in March 2022
2K today unveiled an exciting, early look at WWE® 2K22 gameplay with the action-packed WWE 2K22Booyaka Gameplay Trailer featuring a slew of WWE Superstars and Legends laying the smack down on their opponents. The trailer showcases stunning visuals made possible by the redesigned gameplay engine, crisp new animations, new game modes including MyGM, and much more.