First and foremost, sorry for the lack of news posts this past few weeks. I got sick physically and mentally. Then I also got hit with a major blow with ADG Wrestling Games Network being demonetized during a time period where I really needed money and worked so hard to make a good bit of cash on that channel. This post is to detail my plans for the next few weeks and how it affects other things.

The demonetization of ADG Wrestling Games Network is for “re-used content”. As lame as that sounds and as crazy YouTube has a plethora of re-used content this is what they hit me with. I’m not sure if it was because of just trailers. I have permission to post these trailers but according to YouTube policy, this doesn’t matter you still have to change it to some new form or degree to make it original. Not to mention I had straight rips of Tik-Tok posts, Ringside reports, roster reveals from social media, and more in my coverage of WWE 2K22. Which was fine with WWE Games and WWE but not with YouTube rules. Lesson learn. You will not get me again so easily like this. It’s almost like they just didn’t want to pay me the large amount they owed me. Due to this any re-used content not only on ADG Wrestling Games Network but ADG Entertainment has been removed if it wasn’t made to something more original.

In the next weeks and months, I’ll be looking at top posts and editing them with trailers from publishers and developers. If you request in comments I will do it as well. Going forth I’ll just make straight-up ADG News-bits in videos containing trailers if I decide to post them, myself.

I do have another issue with this website with a lack of storage and money to expand the storage as it would be too costly for what I make off the website. Please, try to maybe check me out more and I’ll try to post more.

As stated above, I’ll be trying to post more and archive all the videos I’ve been working on as well as more daily news.

Take care, enjoy life, gaming, and entertainment!