Destiny although very popular has been subject to a lot of ridicule since its release back on September 9, 2014. People expect a lot of big things from Bungie because of their major success with Halo and somethings for interested Destiny gamers just didn’t add up. From wanting a better storyline to better streamline gameplay, the fans begged for changed. So, in comes Destiny’s newest expansion, “The Taken King”, offering a new campaign experience, new narration for not only this DLC but the entire previous Destiny experiences, a new game mode Rift, new multiplayer maps, new subclasses, a new gameplay experience, and more. I had the pleasure to take Destiny: The Taken King through the ADG Short And Simple Video Review experience. So, let’s see how it adds up!

I really enjoyed this new Destiny experience and I hope to see more sweet additions like this to the game in the future.

Short And Simple..

Destiny: The Taken King Is The Destiny You Asked For!


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