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Physical and digital releases for PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch launch in North America and Europe on August 30, 2022.

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 Though she didn’t ask for it, Yumo was deemed worthy to wield D. Arms. In the year since, she’s continued to work for Boss to fight off Chaos Beasts.However, she has been feeling mysterious pains and, with Meng Zhang’s permission, begins regular visits to the Dimensional Gate Base for health check-ups.Fighting style: Fast-paced melee, with the ability to cause an Electrified effect on enemies, interrupting their actions.
Known as the owner of the Black Bear Shop and the Warrior of Kunlun’s Stone Lion, he and Boss have worked together for years. Together, they handled the crisis in Youshanding.
It has been quite a while since he arrived at Ximending, so he knows how to blend in with humans.
After saving Yumo and Yusha a year ago, he also became Yumo’s mentor in battle.Fighting style: Heavy hitter with charged up attacks. Can use Ammo that inflicts Burning to drop the enemy’s defenses.
Bahet, Mid-Range Wanderer And Homelander
Born a Kunlunian, he ran away from his homeland and arrived at the Human Realm as a wanderer.After the events of the past year, he mans the night shift for the Tumaz Mart – perfect for a nocturnal bat like himself. Meanwhile, he’s taken up guitar lessons, gleaning much-needed insight into the Human Realm from his teacher along the way. However, as a wanderer in the Human Realm, he is still searching for a meaning…Fighting style: Precise mid-range control with a focus on air combat. Can cause damage over time with Lacerate, along with extra damage with sound-based skills.
Le Viada, Top Performer And Supermodel of 5th Day Entertainment
Le Viada
 5th Day Entertainment’s top performer and an excellent supermodel.As a small goldfish in Kunlun, she lived beneath Tamsui River and lead a group of outsiders. After the past year’s events, she once again returned to show business. Though happy to return to a normal life, she senses something is amiss…Fighting style: Long-range artillery and grenades with the Water Bullet-enhanced shotguns that can cripple the enemy.
A former high-tier researcher from Kunlun who participated in the development of the Dragon Vein Control System. She blamed herself for its frequent system failures, so she volunteered to manage the system at the Human Realm.
After her arrival in the Human Realm, she lost her physical body in a mission gone awry. She possessed a ceramic bear-shaped money jar in a last-ditch effort to save herself.
To better understand the Human Realm, she worked with Leo and founded the Tumaz Mart. She committed herself to this business so much so that her prime motivation now seems to be money…
Her primary role in Chaos Beast fights is to stay behind and provide radio support.
*Boss is not a playable character.
Once a “self-regulated humanoid computing unit” for the Dragon Vein Control System, she masterminded the events of the previous year. Aided by Yumo, she was eventually set free of the system’s control.After last year, she can no longer control Chaos Beasts, and her intelligence has dropped to that of a child. However, her personality has become quite amiable, if a bit blunt sometimes.Yumo continues to watch over her while she takes up residency at Tumaz Mart.*Nemea is not a playable character
Before starting your adventure, learn the basics of battle and the various systems that will give you the advantage against the Chaos Beasts!
Break Strikes
Consecutive hits can cause the enemies to enter a Break State, giving you the opportunity to execute a powerful Break Strike on the enemy. Critical strikes during specific moves can also knock the enemies into the wall, enabling the use of Break Strikes.
Dine in or take out (to battle)? Meals can restore HP, BP, and provide various buffs to help you in battle. As indicated by the Hunger Meter, a maximum of three buffs can be activated at the same time, so make sure you maximize your meal benefits for battle.
Buff your equipment with Orbs that increase the power of your Break Strikes, grant protection when knocked into the air, and more!Equipping the right kind of Orb can change up your entire build. Get as many as you can through Orb Fusion and Collection Quests.