Sorry, I know I’m a little late..but better late than ever as I archive my first episodes of Outright Games latest Peppa Pig game, Peppa Pig World Adventures. This game is amazing adventure, literally. It sets a great presentation for Peppa Pig games going forward and the team at Outright Games should be proud! Don’t just take it from your “Coolest O.G. Ambassador” check out my footage with Parts 1 through 3 and more is soon to come on AntDaGamer*ADG Entertainment On YouTube with some of the fun and chill comment of the Coolest O.G. Ambassador, AntDaGamer aka ADG.

Also, I gave a chance on Twitter to some great fans of Peppa Pig and Outright Games to win a PlayStation code. I’m proud to announce winner ……

Chenoa H.S.aka @madhatter8186 !! as the winner of this code! I should be contacting you soon with it. Thanks to all that join and I’ll be giving away tons more codes thanks to the Outright Games Ambassador Club program. Continue supporting my posts and content to increase the chances you will win in the future. Thanks, congrats, and a big SHOUTOUT!! again to Chenoa!