Season 3 of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare II is here. It’s been a rocky road again for Call Of Duty multiplayer with Modern Warfare II but they always do enough to keep players going. As, I stated in this video, I don’t think the problem is the gameplay itself more than the way the toxic community plays the game itself with no honor and doing anything to win. Anyway, I think these videos will have you having fun with Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare II even if you are just watching. Enjoy, me breaking down my thoughts ont he pass and the start of unlocks of Season Pass 3 and the Black Cell Premium Battle Pass courtesy of Activison. I’ll be showcasing more of the skins in 3rd person. We start with Valeria’s basic premium skin. In fact, all premium skins will probably be showcased through livestreams and gameplay throughout the season. Enjoy and most of all play fair and have fun with the game online.