Yesterday on Twitter I announced the return of #ADGUniverseEx with a statement about a Rebirth Tournament. First up will be the women battling for the right to be the face and champion of the Women’s Division in ADG Universe Ex. Set to appear are stars such as Kairi Sane, Ronda Rousey, Ruby Riott, Lana, Dakota Kai and more. The show will go live on ADG Entertainment on YouTube sometime today.


The new ADG Universe will be a one brand show focusing on the talent and the dream matches I and you fans want to see. We will still have all the WWE based PPVs in our schedule such as Money In The Bank, Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania. It will just be represented with this news brand and the show ADG Universe Ex Worldwide. If you wondering about managers..Yes the opportunity to be a manager or to have an impact on the show is still here and you can even join in on the “Rebirth” Tournaments just contact me here or on Twitter.

Some may remember my idea last year of ADG Universe Ex Worldwide and got a glimpse at my idea. I hope you like my choices. I always knew if I returned to YouTube ADG Universe Ex would be very important for my following and myself to grow. You can catch ADG Universe Ex first round tournament sometime in the next 24 hours of this post. It may take some time to upload plus I’m doing other coverage for WWE 2K19 and TGS 2018.

Thanks for supporting #ADGUniverseEx.