Our WWE 2K19 Universe Mode, ADG Universe Ex finale went up a few days before WWE 2K20 released. While some would ask me to stick to WWE 2K19 with all the negative WWE 2K20 issues, this show is our farewell before starting our WWE 2K20 Universe Mode season. In case you missed it, here it is in all it’s glory. Here’s too making a history of first times!


I also want to thank all those that watched and supported. A very big thanks to those that interacted on YouTube with comments, likes etc. and another big thanks to the managers that participated to make a big name for superstars. Most notable would be Ashley for Manager of the year if I was giving out Slam-mys. Also, a breakout superstar of the year for Ciampa who had a slot start but ended up being one of the best Superstars in stories and great matches. Thank you all! I added two images of the show for fans as well for my appreciation.