A lot of people know about Lollipop Chainsaw. It has been on the brains of many gamers since seeing that scantily clad skirt and wonderful lollipop sucking figure. Some immediately though failure but others knew that Suda51 could be on to something very mind breaking with this game. Especially since he is tag teaming with James Gunn, one of Hollywood’s eerie game directors.

Suda51 helped and produced many titles. Such as Super Smash brothers, Fatal Frame IV, Shadows of The Damn, No More Heroes, Killer 7 & More. His reputation is highly regarded among real gamers of the gaming world.

So now here comes, Lollipop Chainsaw. Juliet Starling is a trained zombie hunter cheerleader that arrives to school one day in a middle of a zombie crisis. She is forced to use the skills that have been taught upon her. She is not the only zombie hunter in the family but her 2 sisters and her parents as well. She and her boyfriend embark on an adventure that puts their lives in chaos to save not only her hometown but the world as we know it.

The story is crazy, which seems like a lot of fun for game play. Who doesn’t like killing zombies. Put throw in some perverted gaming fantasy that includes chainsaws and achievements for trying to look up Juliet’s skirt is quite amazing. The game offers about 8 hours of game play which got me upset when people claim its short. It’s not! It’s a fairly decent length and with lots of unlockables such as outfits, mp3s, and combos to keep you coming back for more.

This game isn’t perfect, though I’m praising all of its good points. The game at times gets repetitive. There is moments that you press certain quick sequences and the game doesn’t react accordingly. This problem is a pain a lot in the later stages of the game and the final boss fight.

Watch ADG Playthrough The Entire Game (Warning Live Taping With The ADG Kids)


This game is very memorable and has a very entertaining, satisfying story. I will say it might not warrant 60 bucks but you should try to get your hands on when you can if you like slashers, action games, zombies, blood & gore. There is more to this game than what I mention but even though I rented this title I found myself missing it and wish I would of kept if from my Gamefly list. I’m wondering about the other unlocks and the game play was just satisfying. So despite me saying when I played this game live on Twitch.TV deserving a 7.5 I think most industry reviewers should of least gave it an 8.

So the summary on Lollipop Chainsaw Is…

Is It Fun? Yes
Good Game play? Yes
Does It Have Good Graphics? Yes
Good Online ? There is no online but they are leader boards.
Replayability? Yes

With that being said “PLAY IT!”

Especially if you can get it at a cheap price!